Increase in 'CEO Fraud' attacks highlights risks to corporate environments

Billion-dollar financial losses faced by organisations in past years According to a research from Mimecast, the number of BEC (Business Email Compromise) attacks has grown1 about 55% in 2015 in comparison with the previous year. This threat is one kind of social engineering attack more focused on corporate environments, which is also known as CEO Fraud and Whaling attack. Some alerts were given months before, for instance the FBI’s PSA2 (Public Service Announcement) published last August warning about the steady increase in BEC attacks since early 2015. According to this announcement, between October 2013 and August 2015 several organisations from United States and other 79 countries would have experienced financial losses of around 1.2 billion dollars resulting from such kind of cyber threat. These numbers include statistics provided by US and other countries’ law enforcement agencies. At least another alert was given even earlier – a story published by Deloitte in February 2015 that warned about the rise in 'Fake President'3 fraud attacks. Besides the warning, this article described a few steps commonly used in a typical BEC attack scenario: ... (leia a matéria completa)

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